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Last Update: December 16, 2010

New "Dark Sky Impact Analysis"

Chris Luginbuhl's "Dark Sky Impact Analysis" calculates the excessive uplight and lumens permitted by the IDA's MLO. Prepared for the IDA and released by them, it is available for download at (PDF)

We say Fix The MLO

The FixTheMLO group and this web site were formed in 2004 in response to the International Dark-Sky Association's release of the first public draft of their proposed Model Lighting Ordinance (MLO). Our position then, and today, is that the MLO is severely flawed in many ways. We urge the IDA to fix the MLO!

Position Statement from FixTheMLO

December 2010

The Model Lighting Ordinance prepared by a joint Task Force of the International Dark-Sky Association and the Illuminating Engineering Society is expected to be submitted to the Boards of both organizations for approval around the end of the year.

Development of the MLO has been underway for nine years, and although there have been several opportunities to comment on it, very few of the suggestions offered by others have been accepted by the MLO Task Force. As a result, many dedicated dark-sky advocates are alarmed at the prospect that MLO will be approved by the IDA Board of Directors.

A Position Statement summarizing these concerns appears at the link below. Individuals and groups that share this dismay are invited to indicate their support by signing on via the electronic sign-up process (second link below).

If you are unhappy with the latest MLO draft, you/your organization are also encouraged to communicate directly with IDA. You are welcome to use this statement as is or to adapt it to emphasize your specific areas of concern. You may address the IDA Board President, Robert Wagner, at rwagner@ (or c/o IDA, 3225 North First Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719), asking him to circulate your message to other members of the IDA Board. We’d be happy to receive a copy of your communication at the address below.

Please spread the word to everyone you know that may share your concerns!

Read the Position Statement

Support this position by signing on to the Statement

See the list of confirmed signers here.

Other Voices

We have been hearing from other concerned organizations and individuals who agree that IDA approval of the MLO would not serve the best interests of light pollution control; indeed, some point out how MLO runs contrary to those interests in their locales. You may read some of these comments from other parties here.

Spread the word!

You can make a big difference to this effort by helping to spread the word. Please contact everyone you know who is concerned about light pollution and refer them to this site. And please ask all your contacts to do the same.

Spread the word on the social networks:
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Thank you for your help!

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